About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting my page! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am Anita Ortega, a perinatal professional and placenta specialist. I’m passionate about life, joy, wholeness and all things birth related!

I work with expecting families in my area to help them experience birth and parenthood with even more joy, hope and self-actualization.

I help women experience childbirth by cultivating a safe space for them to accept and welcome motherhood in a way that celebrates their whole heart, body and life. I long to see parents grow into the people they feel most whole as; and I believe this can be hugely impacted by their birthing and postpartum experience.

My utmost aim is to inspire women to embrace hope and joy through all stages of birth and motherhood.

When I am not totally obsessing about birth and placentas, I love to spend time with my husband and dog catching up on our favorite shows, drinking coffee and walking (“walking” is a thing, right?!) or making him dream about our own future children’s births in detail.

I would love to join you on your childbirth and parenting journey. Allow me to support you as your dreams become tangible and so beautifully real!

Sugarbush Doula

People often ask me about my business name. I spent four years in South Africa volunteering with an incredible organization, Baby Safe, that worked to fight against baby dumping. I often found myself working with pregnant or new moms who were seeking hope so desperately, and who needed support just to make it another day. I learned so much about the need for love, support and hope from these women, I learned so much about myself and my own dreams. I fell in love with supporting them. I found my dream job through this. I became a doula so I could continue to offer life, hope and options to women all over the world.

I wanted my business name to represent something meaningful to me. I wanted it to represent new life, strength and courage. The King Protea, also known as the “sugarbush”, is the national flower of South Africa and it represents strength, diversity, courage and transformation.

What Can this Doula Do-la for You-la?

Birth Doula / $600-$700*

Postpartum Doula / $25-$30.hr*

Placenta Encapsulation / $200-$275*

*depending on location



( $800 )

  • • Full Birth Doula
  • • Partial Postpartum Doula (10 hours)


( $1000 )

  • • Full Birth Doula
  • • Postpartum Doula (10 hours)
  • • Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation


( $1500 )

  • • Full Birth Doula
  • • Full Postpartum Doula (30 hours)
  • • Full Postpartum Placenta Package

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